\( \dfrac{\partial\rho}{\partial t} + \nabla \cdot (\rho\mathbf{u}) = 0 \)

27-29 January 2021, University of Canterbury

\( \dfrac{\partial(\rho\mathbf{u})}{\partial t} + \nabla \cdot (\rho\mathbf{u}\mathbf{u}) = -\nabla p + \nabla \cdot \underline{\boldsymbol \tau} + \rho \mathbf{g} \)

Welcome\( {}^\varphi \)

Fluids in New Zealand is a research workshop for discussing fluid mechanics in the broadest sense. FiNZ 2021 was hosted at the University of Canterbury from Wednesday 27 to Friday 29 January 2021.

FiNZ provides a forum to facilitate the dissemination of ideas across the different branches of fluid mechanics, and to promote interdisciplinary collaborations between New Zealand scientists. The idea is to mix experienced researchers with postgraduate students, structured talks with open discussions, and experimentalists with theorists.

Conference documents: booklet, programme.

The next FiNZ will be held at the University of Auckland and organised by Michael MacDonald.